Flames of Revival

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“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20, NKJ).

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He’s the one who will keep you on track” (Proverbs 3:5, 6, MSG).

Excerpts from my book, Breakthrough! A Faith Adventure in Prayer

Some experiences in life are forever etched into your deepest being. Their power, like providence, motivates, compels and directs you. Once you’ve seen the undeniable fingerprints of God, that’s what happens. You look and long for the same touch on everything and everyone around because you know its reality and ability to transform. This is my eye witness account of one those experiences.

What change are you desperate for? With whom are you agreeing in prayer about it? Is it often enough to keep asking, until He answers? How well do you listen and obey? Remember, nothing is wasted in God’s economy!

As if it were yesterday, I remember witnessing as a ten and 11-year-old, an exceptional move of God’s Spirit and power in people of all ages at our church. I saw hundreds at a time respond in meetings at church, in homes or workplaces to God’s presence and love. This revival spilled out of our church, down the street to the next church and into many people’s spheres of influence until it infiltrated our city at every level. It moved from there into other cities, towns, provinces, states and countries through testimonies of how people’s relationships, thoughts, attitudes and actions were transformed by God’s love and power.

We remember it as the revival of the early 70’s in Regina, Saskatchewan, that had started in Saskatoon through the Sutera twins. These humble brothers delivered a simple message of repentance, confession and surrender, and highlighted the key of forgiveness in relationship to God, self and others.

As the Holy Spirit moved in power, those who were willing responded. Salvation, healing and reconciliation followed. The Lord of the harvest called young and old from that movement into full-time ministry. To this day many still carry that flame of renewal around the globe.

The under emphasized and underestimated component critical to this move of God was the commitment of many people like my parents, who cried out in desperation to God weeks, months and years in advance, during and after this catalytic move of God’s Spirit, for a spiritual breakthrough… for their wayward sons, daughters and loved ones. My family was just one unit forever changed by that Holy Spirit fire and move. Little did they know how God would hear and answer their prayers!

These experiences, along with a vision in my mind’s eye I sensed God gave me as a young girl at that time, became foundational to my understanding of the role and power of evangelistic prayer for a supernatural breakthrough that results in a move of God in cities and nations. In the image I saw a map of Canada. A flame burst through the map and consumed it. I understood instinctively that God was revealing His heart’s desire and intent that revival fire should consume cities, provinces and nations. I shared the vision with our church at the time.

In the months and years that followed, normal in our home was a living room filled weekly with people sharing their desperate needs and caring in prayer for one another. I saw people saved and healed; marriages and families restored. I was privy to stories of reconciliation among leaders, broken families and estranged relationships.

Dad led more people to Christ in his workplace than he could count. As natural as breathing, my parents modeled prayer and shared Christ on the phone, in the car, in their office, at the hospital, at the sink, over the fence, on vacation, in crisis or not. They prayed silently, out loud, on their knees and by their bed. They prayed God’s Word, in groups of two and three, and in large gatherings. They prayed and prayed and prayed, shared Christ and asked for a response wherever they could. They always gave away Bibles and tracts and always expected God to move. And God did!

In our basement my “on fire” brothers met with their youth group each week, burdened and earnestly pleading by name for their lost high school buddies. Salvation came to those for whom they prayed and with whom they shared Christ. The youth group grew in numbers, and many of them were called into full-time ministry. I continually saw prayer and evangelism work hand in hand.

God permitted me as a young child an insider’s view of what initiates and sustains a mighty move of His Holy Spirit’s transforming work. Today I would say I saw in people a sincere desire, a THIRST, or desperation for change that led them to call on the Lord together to save, deliver or heal. God’s Holy Spirit always brought awareness and conviction of sin that moved people to respond with godly sorrow. I remember lots of scrunched Kleenex that to me became a symbol of humility, surrender and brokenness.

When there was a need for forgiveness, I saw people deal with sin with prompt, implicit and unquestioning obedience, and ask for, or extend forgiveness in relationships. Their repentance released power, and immediately after they repented, I saw them confess publicly Christ as Savior and Lord at home, at work and at play. I saw that they sincerely cared for each other, and everyone took God at His Word! When they did, I saw God move! This was the norm.

I have seen the same renewal flame kindled and at work over the years, or as one friend described mini revivals, in pockets across this land where desperate need and prayer remains the common denominator. One can’t always understand God’s ways, but needs sincerely expressed in belief that God will hear and answer prayer, often sparks a breakthrough. That is when God’s Kingdom purposes advance exponentially – when relationships with God, self and others are purified by the fire of His Word and Spirit through faith.

I’m not alone in this sense and anticipation that God will yet move again in a mighty outpouring of His Spirit. We desperately need His touch.

Heavenly Father your Word declares in Psalm 62:5 that our souls find rest in you alone. Our hope, yes, that means our expectation, comes from YOU ALONE! We will wait as long as you say, but dear Lord Jesus, hear and answer our prayers, please come and touch us once again. Thank you for your power that can touch us individually and corporately. We invite you to pour out your healing waters, so that we too can be carriers of your revival flame. In the name of Jesus, we ask in agreement! Amen.

©2011 Dr Karen Braun

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