FACTS Oct 23-29, 2016


Proverbs 25:3-6, MSG: Like the horizons for breadth and the ocean for depth, the understanding of a good leader is broad and deep. Remove impurities from the silver and the silversmith can craft a fine chalice; Remove the wicked from leadership and authority will be credible and God-honoring.


2 Timothy 4:1-2, MSG: I can’t impress this on you too strongly. God is looking over your shoulder. Christ himself is the Judge, with the final say on everyone, living and dead. He is about to break into the open with his rule, so proclaim the Message with intensity; keep on your watch. Challenge, warn, and urge your people. Don’t ever quit. Just keep it simple.


Proverbs 25:6-7, MSG: Don’t work yourself into the spotlight; don’t push your way into the place of prominence. It’s better to be promoted to a place of honor than face humiliation by being demoted. Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.


2 Timothy 3:15b-17, MSG: There’s nothing like the written Word of God for showing you the way to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another — showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.


Psalm 119:89-92, 96, MSG: What you say goes, God, and stays, as permanent as the heavens. Your truth never goes out of fashion; it’s as up-to-date as the earth when the sun comes up. Your Word and truth are dependable as ever; that’s what you ordered — you set the earth going.  If your revelation hadn’t delighted me so, I would have given up when the hard times came. I see the limits to everything human, but the horizons can’t contain your commands!

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