What Others Have Said:


Most Important Discoveries Made:

  • “Abide in me.”
  • “God wants me to breathe Him in … slowly & deliberately.”
  • “Seeing unbelief in me.”
  • “Don’t give up.”
  • “Trust and obey!”

Heard God Say Through Training:

  • “Talk to me, I’m listening.”
  • “He has more for me.”
  • “He loves me and knows what’s best for me all the time.”
  • “Surrender.”
  • “A call to be more in the Word.”
  • “I love you and have already forgiven you.”
  • “Relax, don’t try so hard, – listen.”
  • “Focus on me.”
  • “Press on I’m with you.”

Inspired To:

  • “Bring the power of prayer corporately.”
  • “Build up corporate prayer.”
  • “Rethink how I’m involved in corporate prayer.”
  • “Desire, discipline and delight in prayer.”
  • “Journaling on my computer.”
  • “Begin fasting.”


  • “For the first time we as a pastoral team recognized prayer needed to be given an extremely high profile in ministry, to know how to identify and measure it. Does our congregation know how to listen to God? How do they need to be taught to hear? I found Karen’s materials timely, very practical, scripturally sound, and very well versed. Now we know how to listen to God.” – Phillip Vallelly, Pastor, MB
  • “Sometimes we [elders/spiritual leaders]hear about prayer but not the specifics and we are too embarrassed to ask what’s involved. I liked the practicality and biblical reasons of Karen’s teaching because I knew what to implement the next day. Leaders need to be familiar with the doctrine of prayer because it is the powerhouse for effectiveness with people and in seeking God.” – Dr. Noel Erhardt, Chairman of the Board of Elders, BC
  • “The heightened awareness of fasting gave us something new to chew on causing us to realize we had to take it more seriously and apply it [as a search committee]. The result gave us unanimity, and confidence to go forward. Now as elders we meet an extra evening a month just for prayer.” – Andre DeZwaan, Elder, BC
  • “Karen is a prayer cultivator, the same way a farmer cultivates the soil- by digging down, preparing the soil of one’s heart for eventual seed, nurturing it till it grows and bears much lasting fruit.” – Shirley Eu, Intercultural Network Canada
  • “For numerous years I have used the FACTS verses that Karen prepared and more times than I can mention, those verses were like arrows as we prayed for specific circumstances.” – Michelle Derksen, Regional Developer, Latin America, C&MA
  • “Karen’s leadership in the ministry has been valuable and promoted a culture of prayer both in the organization and across our nation. She is enthusiastic dealing with challenges and exerts a positive energy to the team to overcome problems. As a passionate speaker on prayer and her own spiritual journey, her zeal for God has been inspirational to all who have worked with her, including myself. Her most recent accomplishment at Power to Change includes a brilliantly produced book “Breakthrough! A Faith Adventure in Prayer,” together with A Leader’s Guide for a 10 week study which has been an excellent tool for churches across the country to use. One can really see Karen’s passion for prayer and evangelism through all.” – Leonard Buhler, President, Power to Change
  • “I found Karen to be articulate, transparent, thought provoking, a great communicator, engaging and a great listener. She is warm and personable, drawing you into the knowledge of God and leading you down a path of your own discovery of Him.” –  Janet Courtney, Women’s Conference Coordinator


  • “I have felt that the ‘best’ of my life was in the past. I’ve felt a bit lost in this crazy, busy time of life. Now I’ve felt nourished and believe the ‘best’ can still be! Thank you for sharing your personal journey, you have given me hope.”
  • “Thank you so much!I have been so afraid to trust Jesus with certain areas of my life! Now, I know, without a doubt, that I can trust his perfect plans. Please continue to serve the Lord as it touches our hearts in so many ways. God bless!”
  • “God touched, healed, and talked!”
  • “I am so grateful that God has blessed and given the gifts He has given. You truly have and are a gift. And because of this, my journey with God has taken one more step in a hopeful direction! :)”
  • “Didn’t know what I was going to get out of coming. I am feeling amazing and have learned so much about myself and what life needs to be about. This has been an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you!”
  • “The speaker was SOLID! Speaking TRUTH, – much Scripture – in love!’
  • “I so appreciate the slant exposed on the Gospel.” 
  • “A wonderful heartfelt speaker – thanks for being ‘Real’ and sharing and teaching us.”