The FACTS Scripture Guide

A Soul Defender Listens Long and Listens Deep

A Soul Defender Listens Long and Listens Deep

The One Voice Prayer Room Strategy features Weekly Scripture Verses to help focus and discern God’s voice, build team, and anchor our prayer conversations in the WORD and SPIRIT. There is value taking the first half hour to pray God’s Word to launch into powerful, and united, intercession for that last half hour.

Jesus is the Word! Whenever Jesus prayed, results happened. Conversations with His Father were the source and heart of his ministry. No wonder the disciples asked Jesus to share his secrets of prayer with them. Jesus highlighted the fundamentals of authentic conversations with His Father. The FACTS format serves to cultivate similar behavior and practice individually and corporately by fine tuning our ability to hear God’s voice and walk by the Spirit.

“I like the FACTS format – it builds honesty, camaraderie and is a good thing for me personally.  For numerous years I have used the prepared FACTS verses and more times than I can mention, those verses were like arrows as we prayed for specific circumstances.” – Michelle Derksen | Regional Developer Caribbean Sun | CMA | iSUN Team Champion

The FACTS Acronym is simply a memory tool to help practice and develop the essential rhythm Jesus modeled in prayer; a pattern of Focus, Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.

Although prayer cannot be reduced to a formula, it is vital to grasp the value of a reliable rhythm. Because Jesus’ Word and Spirit continue to be the ultimate source of how to pray effectively, we find value arranging themes of Scripture, using the FACTS acronym, to help guide our prayer experiences with laser focus … especially in a group setting.

FOCUS is critical.

Focus, helps kick start perspective. Without it, prayer power does not access the release of breakthrough to dramatically changed lives and nations. As you read the Word, note how you listen to your Heavenly Father’s invitation for your thoughts to stop’ to be still, to be taken captive. Do you allow His Spirit of truth to intersect, instruct and penetrate life’s circumstances? Focus will include: upward, inward as well as outward address. When teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus’ focus began upward, “Our Father who is in heaven.”

ADORATION presents God with intentional honor and praise for Who He is and what He has done. This assists motivation, cooperation and alignment necessary for awareness of His presence.

Intercession IS cooperation with who God is. He knows the needs better then we do. How often do you sincerely reflect on His names, titles, attributes, works, deeds and miracles? What does He reveal about Himself in this verse? What revelation about Him is fresh or new? Do you express appreciation to Him about what He means to you? What if you were to tell Him how He improves your perspective! Disclose to Him, out loud, your wonder and hunger for more of Him. God inhabits the praise of His people! “Holy is Your Name…YOUR Kingdom come, YOUR will be done…”

CONFESSION is humble agreement with God! Who He says He is and who He says we are!

Confession IS agreement about His total provision for sin, individually and corporately. Do you ignore, justify, hide, and deflect your sins of commission or omission? Would you invite and allow His search? What does it take for you to embrace His declaration of forgiveness? Who have you taken offence to, or not forgiven? Are you willing to confess, repent, surrender, renounce and forsake sin? What does it mean in your life to demolish arguments and pretensions that set up against the knowledge of God in your thoughts, attitude, words, and action? How do you take these captive making them obedient to Christ? “Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts.”

THANKSGIVING is faith exercised with gratitude. It becomes the weapon we choose to embrace, acknowledge and handle the authority of Jesus’ death and resurrection. He has already provided  everything we need for life and godliness.

Thanksgiving IS a principle of surrender that acknowledges God is greater. Thanksgiving IS the faith choice that embraces “the keys of the kingdom” of heaven and its unlimited resources, “to bind and loose” in matters that may seem impossible to even understand. Thanksgiving acknowledges, operates, and gives from another realm, accessed by faith alone; certainly not from our own wisdom or understanding. How do you handle this great exchange of earthly burdens for supernatural, unlimited peace, power, purpose and plan into life? “As we also have forgiven others.”

SUPPLICATION is the persevering requests, asks, pleas, petitions and battles we authentically fight, struggle and wrestle in prayer on behalf of others and ourselves, for very real felt needs.

Unrelenting prayer IS what unleashes POWER and can even change God’s mind! How do you join forces to agree with others on behalf of your loved ones, the lost, the saved, and the prodigal? How do you pray for the most irritating, most influential, and most unlikely? What keeps you stuck or hitting the wall? How are you growing to understand and exercise your God-given spiritual authority? What has God placed before you to wield faith in prayer on behalf of? How frequently do you practice prayer and fasting, prayer walking, prayer journaling? What does your imagination believe God can do? “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.”


“It is so clear how Gods Word directs and focuses us. The time praying His Word prepares the way for the time we need for praying needs.” Penny Lane | iSUN Team Member

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